Investment Appetite: Are You Positive or Negative?

We’ve survived a Global Oil Crisis, Brexit, China Trade War, Global Pandemic, worst market depression in living history. And come out through the end. How has this experience left you? What’s your investment appetite?

  • Hell Yeah, It’s a Fire Sale. I’d mortgage my house to buy such undervalued stcok.
  • Quite bullish - still up for snapping up bargains now and then
  • So-so, lost a few, made a buck - cautious
  • I’m out. Investing isn’t for me, putting it under the mattress.

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We did?


Yep we did.
Still trading, are you not?

Did the pandemic end without me noticing?


Everything is sorted? Oil, virus, brexit, tarrifs…been a busy day…


Where’s the quite bearish option? We are not through the other side of this.

US stocks are not on sale yet, cape is still pretty high. Not sure that hugely changes how we should invest though.


No, but the world hasn’t ended and the economic wheel is still turning. That’s the whole point.

If that’s the whole point, make that point. Don’t wheel out nonsense about having “come out through the end”, when that’s plainly false.

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Actually, the point is, the world IS still turning. The global economy is still operating, major companies are still investable with great fundementals. Spain, Italy, France are slowly ocming out of the lockdown. The Government/ has declared we are past the peak.

What we are seeing now is a sow winding-up of the econmic machine back to normality. Therefore it is perfectly sane to say we have come through this.

Until the second wave comes at the end of the year (which is what governments expect). This is far from over. It’s just started in any other place on earth except Europe and the US.
I am especially bearish for the UK, since Brexit will be a drain from next year on when we will be actually out of the common market and that the coronavirus will cost the most lives here of all countries in Europe due to government failure.

If we are not “back to normality”, in what sense have we “come through this”?

errr. because you’re still breathing ?

I think you’re being over optimistic, We could be locked down for weeks yet. Many businesses are doing pretty much nothing. We won’t really see the impact of that till they release earnings reports.