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Disclaimer : This is my own thoughts, research and guidance to one self. Please do not take this advice without doing you’re own research and neither is this guidance into buying correct stocks and instead see this as entertainment purposes.

Now that I got the disclaimer away I can sit down and sit a nice cup of Joe.

With the current trend that we been seeing is that DOW industrial average varies from 20-23 ( Thousand) mark. With that being said we are currently seeing a new bull market trend (07.04.2020). So what does this mean?

Well simply with the entire world economic system, every country has implemented its own injection system for example America injected 2 trillion while as Japan is in talks for another 1 trillion Injection.

With help from the government we wont see companies fall under the hammer and this also means a nice discount for buying shares, smart investors will be buying companies in such sectors as Tech, Industrial, Food while as others may want to be risky and go for Flight industry and travels. Of course over long term we will see flights we will see the glorious sociability at the pub and retail shops opening but not now. With this crisis going on we could possibly see several hundred business say “cash-less” only and this means those machines that we enter our pin or just tap they will receive a small percentage of that money usually 0.05%-0.075% (visa debit) which may not be a lot but its 100% profit. Companies such as Visa, MasterCard are a named few which will rise a lot in the long term as we see a cashless society risen.

Other question is ( based in the UK) we will see alot of people out of jobs and or no money or little money. This would mean people who have been impacted alot from this crisis we try to save money as much as they can which will shift consumer behaviour from whole foods (home cooked) to cheaper alternatives such as McDonald Dollar menu or even KFC saver menu, bare in mind it is also the monopoly game in the UK too so its a better reason why people will try to get those 99p fries from Mcdonalds.

Lastly, I noticed a trend in that builders are still working with large machines meaning the industrial area still is in at work so I suggest if you got money in you’re budget have a look at construction companies.

Now that is all I have to say for now, I do see a lot grammatical errors but this again is for entertainment purposes to help you in you’re short and long term investing strategies.

Stay Safe

Lord Investor


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