[🛑 IPO] Dream

Is there a website that lists all upcoming IPO’s?

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I’ve got some bad news I’m afraid :disappointed:


Interesting, guess we will never know the exact reason why. I suspect it’s because they will need to be more accountable and information on reserves etc will have to be disclosed.


Well Bloomberg says the IPO might still be on :sweat_smile:


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Probably because they are not being offered enough. It was hugely overvalued* when they first floated the idea. I’m sure the last article I read on it was still hinting that they needed to lower the price to make it more attractive.

People are looking at alternate energy these days, as are Saudi, which I guess dissuades many.

*in the eyes of large investors


And that’s after the FCA’s listing rule changes… :man_facepalming:t3:

Maybe there’s a feeling that the acquisition of SABIC from PIF (LOL!) can justify the valuation further down the line, especially if exploitable reserves aren’t all they appear to be…

Which makes me think Ineos would make for a compelling IPO. Though probably not for Jim Ratcliffe, despite his recent Monaco move.

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:eyes: I’ll believe it when it happens but still:


That’d be good, if the IPO goes well, it could help spur some of the other tech companies like Airbnb to go public too -

I’m curious to see whether Uber manages to surpass their private valuation too..


Stripe raises $245m https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-26/payment-startup-stripe-is-now-a-20-billion-company


Wow that’s so sick. Definitely one to keep an eye on. The Collinson bros are incredible and so humble.

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This aged well @saf

Dream IPO

Uber ‘could land $120bn price-tag’ in upcoming IPO

Uber could receive a valuation of as high as $120bn (£91bn) in its upcoming initial public offering, almost double the price-tag the ride-hailing company landed in August

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And this


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omg @Vlad :sunglasses:

Nasdaq has an IPO filing calendar.

Backtrack to previous months to see who has filed for an IPO but hasn’t necessarily done it yet:


Not JUUL :unicorn::dash::dash::dash: It’s literally vaporware.

August 2019:

According to Crunchbase data, JUUL Labs has raised over $14 billion in combined equity and debt funding to date…
… Juul’s 2018 revenue was $1.3 billion and expects to grow sales by 160 percent through the end of 2019. Altria CEO Howard Willard “anticipates 26 percent of [Juul] sales will come from international customers by the end of this year,” according to reporting from Bloomberg.

Source - https://news.crunchbase.com/news/juul-labs-raises-325m-to-fuel-global-expansion-of-its-electronic-cigarettes/

Clearly I may have been wrong :sweat_smile:

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Didn’t want to create a new thread, at least not until we can see the S-1.

The last valuation was $1.5bn in November 2018.

With the news that one of my favourite private companies is planning to go public this year, I thought I’d revive this thread to find out what everyone’s dream IPOs are!

My dream IPO is:

I would also love to see Brompton Cycles one day IPO too :biking_man: and some other mentions include IKEA & Lego.

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