We need to talk about Hyundai

Hyundai have just bought Boston Dynamics. I haven’t yet bought companies valued at 33Bn. I usually go for 0.1-2Bn and see future profits, potential and psychology send them upwards of 20-40Bn and onwards.

Can Hyundai go from 33Bn -200-400Bn. I’m asking. I don’t understand how this can be estimated especially as Boston dynamics is just one part of Hyundai now.

The reason I am curious is I see Boston dynamics as world changing. Does it have much competition? I can see governments, police and security buying these things.

I am in no rush to invest and All responses negative and positive will help my understanding thanks

The question to ask is why companies keep selling Boston Dynamics. Google sold it off because it didnt’t see any useful products coming out of it, then Softbank bought it and apparently wants to sell it off quickly as well.
Just because something is amazing doesn’t mean it’s going to make money.
BD is undoubtedly amazing and does brilliant fundamental research in Robotics similar to what Deepmind does for ML. But both don’t have easy to sell mass-market products.

The software/algorithms are probably where the money is at, and in some respects the staff who make them.

They do have products. The question is how competitive can they be, and if the money being sunk into their more experimental robots will pay off in the long term.

I wonder if well see Hyundai pull car plant focused bots out of them before selling them off… or keeping them.

Hyundai want to spend billions on robotics from what I’ve seen, and have a substantial part of their future business originating from it, probably focusing on mobility and industrial use first but branching out as it develops. Shame they aren’t as committed to EVs.

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I have a suspicion we’re underestimating them (along with the likes of Toyota and others) due to they’re apparently late stage entry to the game.

Like blue prism. Still unsure how important they are. I mean can’t anyone make an algorithm for example quickly checking a patients medication rather than a doctor sitting ther checking and asking. Or if Tesco is suddenly selling more of a product and automatically ordering more. Most people could design that no?

The timing of this thread couldn’t have been better as the SP shot up last night with a possible partnership link with Apple.

Interesting developments if there is any weight behind it…

I hope I’m proven wrong soon but it’s pretty clear Hyundai has been intentionally sandbagging production and nudging dealers. Shame because they have some of the best EVs but unfortunately same problems as other OEMs in transitioning.

I think it’s hilarious how much speculation is behind the Apple rumours. They’ve been “working on it” for what feels like a decade and it makes precisely zero sense for them to drop into a low margin structurally challenging industry. Think we’ll see it go the way of the magical Dyson SUV if you ask me…

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“Revising its statement for the second time in a matter of hours…” :man_facepalming:




They also sell absolutely crap batteries in Poundstretcher.

I don’t know if Hyundai manufacture them or just licence out their brand name (like Kodak did for EVERYTHING) but, IMHO, it really hurts their image.


All this chat about Hyundai and they’re not even listed on FT :man_shrugging:t2:

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The thing about Boston Dynamics is although their robots are very impressive and cool, it’s debatable how many applications there are for an amazing dancing dog robot that can’t be done just as well and far more cheaply by a robot with wheels or tracks

Or a human :smile:

The spot robot has applications it’s just a question if they are better at them or not and if there’s enough applications. It’s not the only robots they do

I know that’s not the only robot they do, I’m questioning the need for so much complexity. I’m sure there are applications for it. But I think a lot of the robots they show are a solution looking for a problem

Spot definitely has applications if it can work well in hazardous broken environments, but the scale of they isn’t that large.

Part of their problem is as you say, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be making these things but with a currently limited set of applications there’s only so much money people are willing to put in.

Interesting that the national grid has a spot but the application could be done by a standard robot as well assuming a modern one exists

I love that they are making them, they are super cool, but I’m unsure if the applications are there to make them a good investment.

They potentially needs to make their other robots more widespread and profitable so these experimental robots can be worked on.

It does come down to why though. If they don’t have an application then it’s doomed to failure as there will be no direction. They’ve started to fix that with the spot robot. The other one though not so much IMO