Is a trade executed at a user-set price?


I am getting ready to invest bt have a question about the trade price.
Scenario: I want to buy a stock. I see it for £50 at 1pm. I know the proce can change until the time that Freetrade will execute its order. Can I set a limit so that the system does not buy a stock if it goes beyond a certain limit. For example, I only want to buy the stock if it is between £50 and £52.

No. Limit orders are not yet available.

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Unfortunately limit orders are not available yet. But they are on the way. You can vote here

So how is the order executed? If the price has gone up to £70 at 4pm, I wouldn’t really want to buy the stock anymore. What control do I have over the execution at 4pm?

There’s no 4pm batch trade any more

Just be aware of the bid/ask spread

But trades are instant and free

Have a read of Freetrade’s execution policy.

As others have said, trades are instant during trading hours and limit orders are on the Freetrade roadmap under ‘3-6 months’.

Limit orders are very much in the pipeline! But for now use an instant order, they are free.

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