Is Nationality Declaration ever going to make it onto the roadmap?

Now that instant trades are free will “Nationality Declarations” ever make it onto the Freetrade roadmap?

If it does make it onto the roadmap would it be in the long term category?

Waiting for stocks to be added is not an issue for me, but it would be advantageous to know if an entire type of stocks will never be added.


I saw this was updated beginning of this month:

@Freetrade_Team is this still the latest?

Hey @Rust, we’re bringing nationality declaration stocks into your app of course. We’ve focused on getting the platform, and subsequently, as a first feature, free Instant Orders out first, before we could start planning this improvement.


Perfect, that is great to know.

Thanks, @anon810895 for taking the time to add additional information and @Viktor for verifying that it will make it onto the road map at some point.

@viktor @Freetrade_Team - really need to get this available. Missing some big moves on the airline stocks today.
The only reason I have not transferred all my holdings to FT from another platform where I can hold airlines, RR etc is this

Stupid question, but does nationality declaration mean that if you’re not British you won’t be able to buy stocks that require ND?

Let’s take IAG for example

You’d just have to declare it surely. Its so that they can’t suddenly discover its majority owned by another nation.

Just shout ‘I declare nationality!’

I’m gonna do it like this


Is there any updates on progress with the national declaration? Just want to know how long it might be before airline stocks can be invested in.

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Any updates on the nationality declaration as it seems to have been on the agenda for over a year now?

I know a lot of people are requesting Rolls-Royce and other airline stocks such as EasyJet.

This should have been a priority in my opinion. Once the other free platform opens back up I think Freetrade will lose people over this.

Any updates on this? I would like to invest in BAE Systems but a nationality declaration form is required in order to do so. When will this be worked into our Freetrade accounts? Thank you! :peacock:




For anyone following this thread, remember to vote Here for this to be discussed at the AMA on the 12th of may.


Unlikely this year…


What about this year @Viktor ?