Is paying for news or analysis worth it?

Do you pay for any news publications (FT, Economist, Stratechery, etc) or analysis services (Simply Wall St, GuruFocus, etc.)? Which ones are worth the cost?

To me, it’s hard to weigh up the cost and benefit. At some point, the value of putting the subscription money in an ETF outweighs what you’ll learn from a subscription. What do you think?


It’s not worth in terms of your portfolio performance. You will definitely not outperform etfs in the long-term. But if you’re interested in the subjects they cover, go for it!


I’ve bought myself an Investors Chronicle subscription as a Christmas present. It was £68 / quarter. Pricey.

So far, I’m reading through the most popular articles and checking out pieces about shares on my watchlist. I don’t know if it’s worth the cost in a pure financial sense, but having paid for it motivates me to spend the time to read if that makes sense. I want it to be a habit.


Its not all about money , investing is a hobby aswell so if you enjoy learning about it make your choice on what’s worth it.


I’ve never paid for the FT as corporate subscriptions from my university and now my workplace provide full premium access for free as a perk. So I’d encourage any employees to look into your perks because they’re very easy to overlook if they’re not well promoted.

Also, I’d echo that value can be financial and non-financial. Depending on how much you just enjoy enriching yourself by reading for knowledge/pleasure, the latter could be priceless.


I think that reading publications like FT, New York Times, The Economist can bring significant benefits in term of improved knowledge on different geopolitical issues, public health or gain insight on different topics. You can have a look at what kind of readership these publications have: FT statistics. We all are aware of the links between net worth, household income and education levels. If you compare the advertising profiles for Daily Mail with Fiancial Times readership you might see why you would benefit from taking your informations from a certain source. Altough I’m not advocating this there are multiple ways of bypassing the paywalls for FT or NYT with different open source plug-ins (just make sure you buy a subscription if you feel that the informations brings you benefits)


I get the FT through Uni and read it every day. I would probably pay for it though as I do think it’s one of best UK newspapers out there.

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I really dislike paying for things…so I’m hoping we can all work together to turn this place into a great news and analysis repository/thought dump!


By the chance the news is getting to any commonly accessible news source, it’ll 99.99% be priced in honestly.

I pay for Simply Wall Street, got it in the sale at a discount. Not sure it’s really worth it for me personally as I am not buying huge amounts; but I really enjoy reading all the stats and gives me good info when I hear about new stocks.

Also tracks my portfolio and gives me all the performance information which is interesting and keeps me focused :+1:t2:


You can get by it by using a different email for the trial. If I need to do due diligence I just create a gmail and do it. I do it on incognito mode just in case they reach out. I don’t pay for any media ha. I’m transitioning into paying for no tax

If you can’t make more exponentially in your current job keep cutting down on expenses then. Tax is an expense if you can save on it (geographically restricting though)

All to do with timeframes. If you are a long-term holder, you can get everything you need (articles about your holdings) from, say, the summary in Yahoo Finance or many other places. There is fresh news every day, are you going to react to it every day?

However if you want to react fast, and trade frequently, these things are essential. I would use Stockopedia or Vectorvest, not the general news ones you mention (he says, having an FT, IC, Economist and MoneyWeek sub!)

The other point is that there is tons to read for free on the Internet esp if you sign up to fund manager etc. newsletters.