What subscription services (if any) do you use?

I guess I’m curious as to whether a subscription service is a valid way to invest in the market - and if so, which subscriptions you use.

I’m talking about services like Simply Wall Street, Alpha Premium and the like.

Thanks in advance!

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I’d like to know who’s using Yahoo Finance!! I’ve been online since the 90s and watched Yahoo shrivel up and use its amazing reserve midas touch to turn every acquisition it’s made into poop.

As I’ve started investing (thanks to Freetrade) I’ve been amazed at how good Yahoo Finance is - especially compared to everything else Yahoo does. It’s so good that I downloaded the app and went to make an account only to discover that it’s £349.99 a year?!

Who the hell is paying that for a Yahoo product and what does it get you above and beyond the free access??

I am not paying for yahoo. I am on their freemium model and it does the thing quite nicely. I like their UX. Also Atom finance is really good as an app, so much data and they even upload presentations or investor call docs. And i also use koyfin for a bigger picture, also free atm.

I don’t use any, the only ones I would consider would be industry news, not general investing analysis.

I’ve often been disappointed that I can’t read the articles on semiaccurate (semiconductor news & leaks) but I don’t trust it enough to subscribe, also it costs $1,000 which is quite pricey.

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I use free yahoo finance for news/articles to see what is happening for curiosity but mainly for notification alerts for a specific increase/decrease stock price since Freetrade doesn’t have that.

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Following this with keen interest to see other people’s thoughts. I’ve been considering it myself for a while but generally worry that nearly all of these resources simply influence people to act as sheep and cloud individual judgement.

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I’m also interested in this, I currently use a few traditional sources, such as FT aswell as yahoo finance and sometimes just Google certain stocks to find relevant articles! However, having a consistent source of general business news would be useful.

I signed up for Motley Fool because it’s had some great articles. It’s really helped me with advice to invest in Tesla and Apple - some really informative articles.

But there’s one key stock that they’ve recommended that’s outperformed both of those, in fact it’s outperformed every stock, every index, every ETF, every commodity and every economy on earth.

Click here to claim your copy of this special report now — and we’ll tell you the name of this Top Growth Share… free of charge!

I keep meaning to remind myself how to block publications from my Google News feed. Motley Fool always comes across as click bait garbage… but some people pay £149 a year for it. Does anyone here?


I blocked it from my Google feed ages ago, I assume it’s complete junk from the little I’ve seen but perhaps it’s better behind the clickbait.


The italics and smug tone immediately made my eye twitch. :joy:

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Thanks for the replies - it’s good to see that we’re all pretty much in the same kind of boat!

The MF stuff really grates with me too. They seem to have a fairly consistent formula which consists of:

  • Write two conflicting articles on whether to buy/not to buy a particular share
  • Give it a head line that includes at least two of the following: “Warren Buffet”, “become a millionaire”, "income for life”, “buy right now”
  • Ensure that at least half of the article is given up to a mystery share that will outperform Amazon and Netflix
  • Post to as many different sources as possible

I have to say that I’m finding the free version of Yahoo Finance the most useful so far. I’m finding the news most relevant and I’m enjoying the way that they compile details of Analysts Price Targets and Recommendation Trends which I would assume are paid for services elsewhere.

Outside of that, SeekingAlpha has been interesting for its opinion pieces and news and I’m intrigued by their paid offering but not enough to be paying £200 up front now. Anyone use their Pro offering?

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stratechery.com is pretty good.


Came across exactly that the other day. Absolutely shameless. I mean we all know they do it and I personally am not subscribed to any of these subscription services for exactly that reason, but to actually see two conflicting articles from the same place side by side was even new to me😄


Within 24 hours of each other too :rofl:

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A lot of people here seemed to be using Genuine Impact, not sure if that’s still true.

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I do!

I find it a pretty good source of information (as part of a varied diet :wink:), in particular the way they rate stocks is clearly understandable.

I’ve often run into the issue of them not covering a stock, understandable as a start-up of course. If you’re sticking to the main names, you should be fine.

I got it in the sale price a while back (£10/year lifetime offer) so it’s pretty cheap for me, not sure I’d pay the full price this early in the product, but with a few more features (personal portfolio tracking) and more stocks covered it could be worth it.


It also has a “On Freetrade” filter, which is nice. Signed up yesterday with the £10 a year deal, which is still on for a few more days.


Genuine Impact is indeed a breath of fresh air and I did snatch the £10/year lifetime subscription model which is neat. Love the their format and constantly evolving.

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Just seen offer is still available till Tuesday 1st Sept - Pricing
Going to sign up since its £10 for the year and reading comments about it above :slight_smile: thanks for the tip!

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Regarding Genuine Impact, how do you ‘all personally use it? Do you have a plan or system using it?

I have the service but have not figured out a way to fully utilise it.