Is there a fund that tracks the world top consumer brands?

I’ve just started investing. Opened my ISA account today.

My thoughts are:

  • The markets are down due to corona
  • They will eventually rebound in the long term
  • The companies that are likely to rebound are those with strong consumer loyalty/brands

So I was looking to invest into a fund that tracks the global/uk companies with the strongest brands.

Does something like this exist?

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Five minutes on Google didn’t give me anything.

You can just take the best consumer brand list you trust and buy equal amounts or amounts weighted in some way, of all of them.

E.g. on this list, only three companies are not on Freetrade (Samsung, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz):

I see you wrote you just started investing, so as per Freetrade policy, a reminder to do your own research and your capital is at risk when investing.

Hi Beluga,

Thank you for responding to me and for sharing the link with me

I had considered this but my problem is that I’m starting out with a little money. So I can’t buy a lot of them that’s why I was hoping there was a fund I could buy.

Fractional shares will be available “soon” which will mean that you’ll be able to buy smaller pieces of companies:

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Hi @Phil,

Ooh that looks good. Thanks for letting me know

Anything run by Lindsell Train tends to be big on consumer staples.

On Freetrade that’s FGT. In the top 10 holdings they have Unilever, Mondelez, Diageo, Heineken

I’ve money in Morgan Stanley Global Brands Equity Income fund via HL, which might be of interest. Paying c.4.2% yield and doing relatively well in this market (on a par with Fundsmith & Blue Whale).

Ah thank you very much

Hey @PeakOwl I actually considered this. it’s on my watchlist. I ended up going with the legal and general international index trust. I chose that because it was on the watch50

I think what you are after is a consumer-focused ETFs. They track consumer sectors within an index. Problem with actively managed funds is that its allocation may change so Lindsell Train may decide one day to change its holdings away from consumer stocks.

And some consumer brands are also in tech sector as well such as Visa or Apple. They are classified as information technology sector companies instead of consumer staples or consumer discretionary.

Rather than telling you what specific funds are there, which may constitute as advice, you may want to spend some time in these three places Simply wall st, Genuine Impact and ETFdb. They will give you enough of what you are after.

Genuine Impact has 2 filters called Consumer ETFs and Tech ETFs. They will give you all the funds that track the consumer and tech sectors. It is an app and free to start using but you have to pay for it after a trial period.

Simply wall st has some stock filters one of which is consumer stocks. If you want to go after a specific company, you can use that as a way to start.

I came across ETFdb recently and it has some filters to get you funds that track specific sectors or themes. Just google the name.

No one is perfect so I’d use all 3 to help your research.