Is there a higher spread for instant orders as opposed to basic orders?

As in, does the presumably higher bulk of orders for basic orders give Freetrade the ability to get lower spreads on their basic orders?

While not quite an answer to your question, there have been quite a few topics raised relating to spread, most recently in the help section because people are getting transactions executed at prices up to 8% (from what we’ve seen so far) away from the “quoted” price. I put quoted in quotation marks as I am not sure if I should be using that terminology.

I recommend searching for them to see responses as I don’t want to be accused of being “factually incorrect” or getting passive aggressive messages/responses :expressionless:


I don’t think this is the same sort of issue as the others in that thread.

I think op is trying to ask if Freetrade get a bulk buying ‘discount’ of sorts, as when you place an order for large amounts of shares, you could theoretically match with someone selling a lot of shares. I’m not entirely sure that’s how it works.

Would recommend contacting Freetrade direct for this query - although I’m not certain support would know the answer. They will be able to find out.

If you’re getting passive aggressive messages you should report it to Freetrade so it can be dealt with appropriately. :+1:


Hey @megamonies, it’s true that larger orders can sometimes get a slightly better price, in certain circumstances, since market makers may prefer them over smaller orders. Nevertheless, we do not believe this is driving any differences you may see, it’s more likely those are really the result of the currently fast-moving, volatile markets rather than the spread.

Both Basic and Instant Orders are executed at the best price available to us in the market at that time.

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