Is there a way to invest in eSports?

I’m just curious around the options open to investors looking to capitalise on the potential growth of eSports over the medium to long term.

I’m aware of key software vendors (Electronic Arts and Activision for example), but more wondering whether there were opportunities to invest directly into the teams, tournaments or industry.

TIA - and Happy New Year!

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‘Investing’ in teams - isn’t that just gambling?

Not really, bit like investing in Manchester United rather than betting on the results of matches.

OK; I get it now.

They raised there target in less than 10days I just made it

gfinity is on the aim market…they haven’t turned a profit yet though.

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ETF - VanEck vectors video gaming and esports

( not on Freetrade yet)


Gfinity are building

Gary Vee had a video up yesterday, he’s invested over 7 figures into building a Call of Duty team as he believes in the next 5/10 years eSports will just be as regular as Basketball and the NFL in America.

He was asked the same question about how best to invest in eSports and his reply was “I can’t give specific investments because the big game in 10 years might not be Call of Duty, but let’s just say Picks and Shovels…i.e the Infrastructure”

What I took from that is you want to be investing in who makes the consoles, Sony/Microsoft. Who makes the games, Activision/EA Arts. Who are the chip makers? Who supplies the 5g? Who will stream the events?

I might be wrong but that’s the route I’m going down and all of the above I have on a watchlist to invest in 2020


Good idea Jamie

But it would be a good option to be able to invest in E-Sports in general not focusing in specific companies that are related with.

Look at Allied Esports Entertainment Inc. (AESE).

Amazon would be one of the major winners if esports takes of due to so much of it being broadcast via twitch, I have no idea what amount of revenue stream twitch contributes to but I imagine it hardly enough to move the needle unfortunately due to the sheer size of amazon.

Modern times group owns a controlling interest in several esports tournament franchises, they are listed on the Swedish exchanges, DYOR of course, I personally don’t have plans to buy any stock of them (nor have any idea how tbh!)

I guess Tencent are well placed with Riot games and Fortnite, I believe that Riot games runs and broadcasts most of the major league of legends high tier play. Again tencent is massive though so may not be much of a needle mover

One of the tough things about this industry is defining it to an extent and working out where the money is going to go. Games development/broadcast and media/tournaments are all different industries in and of themselves.