ISA Transfer via

I would like to transfer an ISA to Freetrade.

So I go to the ISA Transfer page and click the “Transfer your ISA button”.

This redirects me to a website I’ve never heard of ( and there is no mention this redirection to a 3rd party will happen. I’m presented with the screen below.

In my opinion this looks quite shady and unprofessional.
Can I be certain I haven’t been redirected to a phishing site or profile?

How long has this been going on?

This isn’t how transfers happened the last time I did one (sometime last summer I think).

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Looks to be a digital form now rather than the previous paper document?

3rd party services have become a thing recently to further de-paperise the transfer process.

I did a transfer some time ago through such a service (outside UK) and had similar concerns initially. However, the broker in question did have quite detailed FAQs to allay such concerns, and additional research quickly corroborated their stance.

Hence I would urge Freetrade to be transparent and get an explainer FAQ up if it isn’t there already.


Their online transer form is impossible to sign with a mouse.

I had absolutely no problem. In any case you have two more options.

Hmmm, I don’t recall seeing that option, maybe I’ll give it another try.
They were supposed to post me a hard copy to sign but 8 days on nothings arrived.