iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF (Dist.) ISF

Tracks the performance of an index composed of the 100 largest UK companies. Income will be distributed as cash.

This is a distributing etf, paying dividends quarterly


Which one is it? Tracks performance or pays dividends?

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Are the costs correct?

For some reason it says there is a refund.

@sampoullain ISF pays dividends, doesn’t it?

I havent received any divend even though it was supposed to be paid yesterday.

Has anyone else had anything through?

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Yes. Received on the 30th June. Hope yours has arrived, @Messsingh

They can take upto a couple of working days to show. Mine for this one showed this morning.

Can someone explain to me in simple terms why this has a negative transaction fee? How does that work?

It’s a quirk of the reporting regulation that means things like slippage/delay costs (the change in price between when I decide to trade and when the trade executes) can be negative. For example if I decide to sell at £1 but by the time the trade goes through the prices changes and it executes at £1.01 that shows up as a negative 1% cost.

Transaction cost reporting is very confusing and the numbers don’t reflect what a typical investor might expect - this is one of the better explanations:

In general for a broad market-cap weighted fund (which is naturally self-balancing) from a big provider like Blackrock / Vanguard as is the case here it’s probably not worrying about as there shouldn’t be a lot of transactions and the stocks will be highly liquid.


Been averaging down on these over the last week or 2.

Would have done the same but no funds. Think it’s a good time to pound cost average on the FTSE 100

My average is already down to around £7.21 and it’s rarely been lower than that so I’ve not really bought that many. The FTSE 250 on the other hand seems to have been trending much lower so have been putting quite a few funds into that as well as S&P 500.

Has anyone received their dividend payment yet for this ETF? I was expecting to receive it around 30th December but it still hasn’t reached my account?

Yes me 59 pence

I have, but there is another one that I haven’t yet received. I’ve put a note in my diary to contact FreeTrade support if it still isn’t with me by then.

It does highlight the importance of keeping an eye on these things though doesn’t it.

When did you receive it? I’m still waiting for mine

Still waiting for this little bit of income. I’ve received income from other ETFs I hold on freetrade

I got mine earlier today.

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Actually, I apologise, I was mistaken. I haven’t got it. I think I mixed it up with FTSE250 which I also had.

Thanks for pointing out, I’ll add to the list to follow up on Friday if not received.