iShares Global Tech ETF (IXN)

Freetrade has IITU (US Tech Sector iShares ETF), but does not have a global tech ETF.

A good example of a fund in this area would be Legal & General Global Technology Index Trust - This is 80% US weighted as opposed to 100% for IITU. This Index seeks to mirror the FTSE World -Technology Index.

This L&G fund is a mutual fund so I assume Freetrade cannot support.

Therefore best option for a Global tech ETF seems to be iShares Global Tech ETF (IXN). It’d be great if this could be added. Thanks

I have ATT.L and PCT.L, have a look at them.

IXN is Apple 18.5% and Microsoft 15.6% and then 120 more holdings of 1-2% each…

Thanks - my challenge is that both of these have high fees of circa 1% plus performance fees, and during past 12 months PCT.L barely beat the index. But agree they make sense if don’t want such a level of Apple exposure.