Issue with the App Loading time

I notice that the Freetrade Android App been talking some time to load (Loading Portfolio, Search for Stock Screen) - Is anyone else facing this issue as well?

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I don’t think it’s just an Android thing. It’s been getting slower and slower for me over the last couple of months. Today the app has actually frozen a couple of times which has never happened before :man_shrugging:

Yh it the same with my Wife Phone. Nothing seem to be loading on her phone at all

Something I notice is when the US Market open it tends to speed up a little

Maybe to do with the huge cache that the app seems to have? Mine is using over 1GB.

You might have a point - Gonna try and clear it

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Local caches are used to speed things up, rather than having to go off and get the info from the server, so I can’t imagine a large cache is going to impact speed negatively. That said, 1GB is insane.

Yh just tried - It didn’t make no difference. Same uninstalling and reinstalling.

You see I would through it my phone but my Wife Phone has the same issue as well

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