Software update

The latest software update on Google play for android platform,is incredibly slow when accessing the app. Anyone else experiencing problems?

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I can’t say that I have noticed it being particularly slow, although the latest showing for me is that of 28 May - is that the one you are using now? (unless there is a beta build that can be opted into a la Windows 10 insider preview)

Hmmm… I’m still on version 1.0.17068 :man_shrugging:

I’m on that android version, no problems here - i do notice that the app can appear to run a bit slower near market open/close times, but nothing major.

You may know all this already, but I would try clearing cache, or clear data (you would need to login again if you do this) to see if that resolves it, also it never hurts to reboot your phone if it’s been on a while…

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I’ve tried all that. Reinstalled app. Still shockingly slow!

I’ve now finally been offered the new update! I’ll try it and see how it is!


Was slow yesterday but working. Today virtually unusable, same on both my phone and tablet.

I can’t even get the app to work long enough to get into chat. I know there are email address contacts for Freetrade but I can’t find them either on the website or a forum search. Anyone know the email contact?

For general queries I believe

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You can also contact via the Google play store

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