Android App pending and not updating

Just seeing if it’s just me…

I saw that there was an update today, tried but app just wasn’t updating, just pending in Google Play.

Clearing the cache didn’t help so I decided to uninstall the app, so I could just download the updated version.

Except that the download is still pending after a couple of hours… :weary:

So I can’t even log a ticket inapp.

Have sent an email to the Freetrade hello address but 3 working days to resolve… :grimacing:

I don’t seem to be. But I’m on iOS so it might be android specific

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I’m not having that exact issue, but after successfully downloading the new version, I’m finding that the statistics for certain stocks (beta, div yield, etc) are not loading at all.

If its pending in the Google play store try deleting the the google play store cache and restart the .

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I’m seeing something similar here with graphs not loading; FWIW I’m on iOS.

All sorted now, looks like it was my dodgy old phone :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Keeps closing down on my tablet my preferred way of accessing freetrade. Works perfectly on my phone…upto now.