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It’s a Motley Fool article - posted to Yahoo Finance.

Every week, for every stock on the planet, they seem to have 5 articles saying it’s time to buy and another 5 for the same stock saying it’s time to sell. It’s all very clickbaity to drive sign ups to their website.


I know, but my focus was on that information about HL investors. Honestly, I normally don’t pay attention If MT analysts are buying or selling.

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So the £ITM ticker is still the power and the motive parts of the business?

In effect there isn’t anything lost from the balance sheet for £ITM shareholders as a result of this spin off?

Yes, it’s wholly owned so everything is in the same company as it was, it’s just that part of it is now wrapped up in a new company container. This is what people were allegedly concerned about as it’s made it easier to sell that subsidiary off reducing the overall value of the company (it’s obviously not as black and white as that).


Agreed, i’ve read a lot of MF articles and listened to a lot of their pods and would not put too much stock (see what I did there…?) in anything they say… You have to wonder as a subscription service provider if their free tips are merely trying to pump previous paid tips and you’re being invited at the end of the party and handed the bin bags full of empties… MF’s…


Some clarity from ITM would be usefull wrt how exactly they’re going to manage the split. They can potentially split it into two companies and proportion the shares out accordingly, which inevitably would put one of the two on the back foot.

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ITM Motive is a whole owned subsidiary. It doesn’t have shares. If it does well the ITM Power share price will go up and vice versa.

This latest drop is nothing to do with that. The split makes perfect sense as it means Motive can move freely in a totally differently regulated industry. Without constant decision making from parent company.

This last drop has more to do with a sector wide drop and a lot of that is to do with sector ETFs selling ITM (which had been doing well) to make up for the loss of companies like Bollard and Plug.

You shouldn’t worry too much bc this is an emerging market and ITM won’t make a profit till 2024. So just stay calm. Buy the dips and 2030 you will thank 2021 you. The fundamentals havnt changed


Congratulations on your birthday as a member of the community. :cake:


Lol thanks

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A large investment in green hydrogen from German boosted some green stocks this week. That’s promising I think.


Likely to be a big news day tomorrow. Linde giving a company presentation in the morning with ITM presenting to share holders in the afternoon.