I've come from Trading 212 because they stopped me buying shares i wanted to buy

How long does it take to receive your funds deposited to your account roughly? Is it just high traffic and taking time?


Welcome. Unsurprisingly tens of thousands have. FT have a secure and methodical process of checking and approving.

Deposits normally take 2 hours if everything is OK.

Can take 2-4 hours on a regular day for bank transfer. Google pay is a bit slow today but worth a go.

That’s fair enough, i understand its probably busy. As long as i’m not restricted in what i can and can’t trade thats good with me. Will be sending the rest of my funds over once all this is done on T212 so just wanted to make sure it was all fine.

Thanks again


I’m with HSBC and they now take under an hour.

If you’re here for GME, GME is one of the stocks that are only available to Plus customers (premium £10/month account), but otherwise things listed are free to trade. They tend to have a more reliable platform than T212, although it’s certainly struggled today.

It was actually i didn’t plan on buying more stock i was going to let what i had ride out. But when they said i CAN’T buy for my own sake it pissed me off so i moved here and my funds have come through pretty fast and i purchased the dip. Don’t mind paying the monthly fee ill see what benefits it brings and if it’s worth it on the plus.


Plus is effectively free if you keep £4000 in cash in your account as the 3% interest they pay on cash balances covers the Plus free.

I have Plus and I use it for setting a stop loss on some stocks where they have potential to fall significantly. For example I will set one up for CCIV as if the rumours around Lucid are not true it could halve in price, so I don’t want to get caught out by that.

However, when the platform is very busy (this week has been crazy) they don’t always trigger immediately.

Still 3 times lower than what we pay on Freetrade, but I predict we will meet in the middle soon, as 212 will raise again and Freetrade has said it will lower FX fees one day

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