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Famous food manufacturer that makes Corn Flakes, Pop-Tarts and Rice Krispies.

I got this as my 1st free share. Got 2 dividends and moderate growth on it

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You’ve got another ex-dividend date coming up this week, this really is the chicken that keeps on laying!

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It is always nice when you get a dividend stock as a free share. As a dividend investor I was well happy with that.

Thanks for the heads up. Think it goes ex this week or next


Should milk count towards a cereals nutritional information if it’s sold separately?

  • Yes, who has dry cereal
  • No, they’re gaming the system
  • Maybe, but what type of milk
  • Stop drinking my juice! (@CashCow)

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I could have selected two answers, so I’ll wonder the other one aloud

Who eats cereal dry… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Weetabix would definitely be brave option for that


Rice milk was by far and away my favourite kind dairy alternative but

  1. I try to avoid buying anything in those awful tetrapacks because they’re pretty much non-recyclable
  2. It’s too expensive.

I moved to Asda’s own brand unsweetened soya milk but, see point 1 above and also the price of it has soared. On top of that, it’s rarely available in store thanks to all the shortages caused by covid, chip shortages, people not believing in Brexit enough, etc

I’ve gone from dairy free to milk alternative free too!

Hang on, this was about cereal wasn’t it. Err, here’s a song about cereal that I doubt anyone on here has had the misfortune of hearing DJ Yoda feat. Biz Markie “Breakfast Cereal”



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I went to 4 shops in London yesterday to buy a cucumber and went home with empty hands. Thanks Obama (or Boris) :rage:

Sorry for the topical offtopic.


Me! :laughing: I hate soggy cereal!




It’s not a clear cut as I though, only the courts will decide now. Still doesn’t change the fact that @weenie is a dry cereal monster!


:rofl: Can i just clarify that it’s not all cereals, like i couldn’t eat Weetabix or Shredded Wheat dry.

Just Cornflakes or Special K.

Sometimes, Cheerios.


Sainsbury’s oat drink. Practically the same as the more expensive Alpro version.

Demerger on the cards?

More like on the cereal boxes

Looks like we agreed with the UK courts.