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Here’s our latest blog post from @Ian about why we don’t use Kubernetes as part of our developer stack Freetrade.

This is on Hacker News too :eyes: it’ll be towards the top of the list in New right now, upvotes would be appreciated!


Very good read.

I’d be interested to know how you use the solutions architect role in your setup. We’ve recently started piloting product teams (I know, how many years behind) and one of the challenges for me is architecture, how it fits into the product team.


Hey @stephen, we don’t have solution architects at Freetrade. During project kickoff engineers write RFCs and the rest of the team review their proposals. Then, as the project progresses, the initial design may evolve. When there’s a lot of crossover with product the engineers will work directly with PMs and business owners. Hope that helps?


Crap, there goes my job application! :wink:

To be fair this is how I envisage architecture, as something the whole team does rather than be an individual.

Maybe over time I can implement my method where I work.

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I’ve been won over by serverless now. I’m just a hobbyist Python & JS dev but the time and headache you solve by going serverless is amazing. Now just run a tiny DB server for MySQL (gotta love those relational databases) and everything else that I deploy is either on AWS Lambda or GCP Functions (Freetrade might have won me over on using GCP)

Either way, cool what you guys are doing in this space


We’re always happy to receive applications :grinning:

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Are you happy to relocate the office to Milton Keynes? :sunglasses:

Thanks Alex. Ian mentions 12,000 users. Is that figure current? We had 10k users in early Jan, so at 12k it looks like we may have lost momentum since launch and certainly don’t seem to be on track to clear the waitlist by April as previously suggested. I am sure there are a significant number of users waiting for Android which should pick the number up once released, but I would still have thought there were more Apple user waiting to get access. Ian talks about shipping product faster, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, unless I’ve missed something. Don’t get me wrong you guys have and continue to do a great job of rolling it out, but I’m curious to hear a revised timeline on clearing the waitlist.

No, the post was written a little while ago, we’re almost at 15k users now :chart_with_upwards_trend:

The waitlist is about 50k users now so we’re getting there :sweat_smile: some are on Android & some aren’t from the UK. Once we’ve rolled out the Android app, we’ll be able to sort through the rest more easily.

I hope that helps!


That sounds better, thanks. And you said Android will roll out when… :wink:

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Haha in a fraction of the time that you’ve waited so far :wink:

Check out this #freetrade-chat:sneak-peeks for a preview of the progress we’ve made so far The Discover tab & orders on the Android app.

We’ll be sharing more updates soon!

Are you able to tell us how many ISA’s have been opened ?
Have to wait until April 6th for mine.

Really interesting read.

City of Dreams. Plus Percy’s :drooling_face:

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