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I guess that’s already priced in then since there’s no movement.

But there is no a RNS yet, so it might change after that.

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That’s not the correct license. It is not showing as paid on the register.

It might be another one.

It’s not, that was the licence for permit to research. The licence we are now waiting for is permit to explore group 3 and 4.


China moved in next door. Ours would be more appealing also - gives the impression for a JV :sweat_smile:

Some big buys last night prior to close - 12million shares, 9 & 6 respectively. Not many sellers this morning on close so hopefully all in for the long run now.

An interesting PodCast that calls out lots of positives for Kodal

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KOD: Gold Exploration Programme Update, Côte d’Ivoire


and the share price has responded well


69% up in my portfolio. Bosh.


I currently own 2 lots of shares with these guys, 1323 in my ISA and 852 in my SIPP, they seem to be growing nicely at the moment.


Really want to buy more but don’t want to push my average up :see_no_evil: Does anyone think now is the time to buy or will there be a dip? Just with Bernie out in Mali from Monday I can only see it going up really :sweat_smile: What a dilemma! GL All x.

I purchased my third batch of shares today following the good news on the gold…

8,908 25th May 21
6,568 10th June 21
4,962 18th June 21

I tend to purchase on the up “adding to my winners” as long as the narrative supports it. I will of course buy in the dip if the narrative tells me the company is sound, and has mid/long term growth potential.


Some very sound advice @PeteL

And according to them dates you caught some very good dips! :clap:t3:

My last 3 batches were:

May 12th - 10,121
May 28th - 12,945
June 9th - 29,023

I also picked up just over 3000 this morning at 0.38, little mini panic buy :joy:


I’m 25% up now, but I’ve bought and sold it several times since it was at 0.0009, but honestly I’m not feeling smart right now. At least from now on, I will keep holding a big portion.


@Betson awesome… building up nicely

@joeb Nice!

I bought late but still up 20% thanks to those here for doing the initial DD for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I sold all mine last time it hit 30 when my average was 11. Put my initial stake back in when it dipped back down to 23 :raised_hands:

If this ever goes above a quid I’ll buy everyone on this thread a drink or two :rofl:


Jack Daniels Honey is okay for me :joy: