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Just to clarify, the dividend figure you mention is for the whole year, I.e. the interim paid last September of 5.44p, and the final declared today of 13.93p.

So your next dividend payment will be 1264 x 13.93p, assuming you hold those shares on the ex-div date of 27th April, and will be paid on 5th June.


If you buy more shares before the next ex-dividend date, you’ll get the dividend for them too.

(Please note I’m not suggesting you do buy more; that’s entirely your choice).


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Nice, I’ve been periodically adding to this holding so may just pick up a few more!


That’s a great help! thanks everyone.

Apologies I gave the full year dividend. As above for the next “final” dividend.

Also the dividend is quoted as a percentage of the share price And is trailing in other words last year.

So based on the share price of 264.7p the dividend is 7.32% and not as quoted 6.98% as that is based on last year’s dividend. Tasty!


Looking like a bargain again. It nearly always falls further than market. AND nearly always goes up further than the market.
Supposedly the market it is falling today because of worries over the budget. But the European market is also falling so maybe a bit further to fall. I may have to buy more.


Picked up a few more yesterday, with a price target over £3 and a divi yield of +13% it’s a no brainer.


The dividend yield shown on freetrade is wildly inaccurate for legal and general it’s actually around 8%. Still I do think it is a very undervalued stock

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I posted about a similar inaccuracy on £EUDV (here).

I would still love to know why we see these discrepancies from different sources, if anyone can shed any light?

It doesn’t seem to match when you calculate other stocks.

Assuming it’s just a share price / dividend then it’s around 8.2% based on last year’s dividend

Google interesting also has a different yield stated at 13.94%

I’m not sure what they’re basing the calculation on

It is including dividends paid in the last year and also the upcoming dividend in the calc.

In essence it is double dipping a final dividend.


You’re right

100 / 233 * (19.37 + 13.27) = 14%

It’s a bug it’s taking all dividend payments in 2022 plus adding the 2022 final dividend that isn’t paid until 2023

2021 final: 13.27p (paid in 2022)
2022 interim: 5.44p
2022 final: 13.93p (for financial year 2022, paid in 2023)

Gives 14% yield. It’s calculating wrong

@acamp who deals with bugs? Is anyone aware of this one?


I’m topping up on this one too


Bought a load yesterday thinking it was a bargin, only to find it’s even cheaper today! Hope it ends up being worth it.


My completely unresearched non professional opinion of lgen is if you’re able to buy under £2.50 your generally getting a good price


Yes, that’s my researched but obviously not expert opinion also. More wary of Aviva and Admiral,unfortunately the latter being my biggest holding.

Any major news on L&G? Price is becoming a steal!

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Then steal :rofl::rofl: