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I just requested: L&G Hydrogen Economy UCITS ETF


I think this has considerable potential for growth so would be great to see it added!

And could someone from FT respond here when it has been added so I’m aware?


Oh hello! This has got my attention. Thanks for posting it, I hadn’t heard of this ETF.

And don’t forget to add your own vote!


Probably because it’s 0 days old :grin:

Good spot one to add I think. There’s a few L&G funds still need adding

For reference


The GBP version is HTWG


Welcome to the forum!

Please search before posting a stock request. I realise that there’s nothing to tell you that before posting, but chances are that someone has already requested what you want. In this case, I believe the instrument that you’re wanting has been requested previously. I’ve linked it below.

@bitflip This could be an alternative to my suggestion!


I don’t know if it is or isn’t. You need to do the research to satisfy yourself that it meets your requirements/needs. If this ETF (HTWG) is what you want then please vote for it.

The volume looks a little thin, it’s not terrible but you might find the spread a little wide.