Limit order

Hi. I was wondering if someone could help me. I set a limit order for sell. On yahoo finance my limit price was reached however FT did not sell. So my question is does the price have to update on FT for it to sell because i know there is a 15 minute delay.

Thank you in advance.

Limit Orders are triggered using live prices at the market level
The stock you are trying to sell may have a wide bid/ask spread and so the order might not have filled.
It might help if you mention the stock and the trigger price

The stock is Arb and the trigger price 1.75. thanks

The bid price (price market is willing to pay) is ~170. If the bid price gets to 175 your order will likely go through.

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To add a bit more detail… instead of looking at a website like Yahoo, try going directly to the stock exchange itself: You will see the bid/offer spread at the top of the page. The stock market is a continuous auction, it’s not like a shop with sticker prices. The bid price, as @J4ipod94 said, is the price that market makers are currently bidding to buy shares of the stock. The offer price is what people who own the stock are saying that you will accept to sell your shares. Right now (well, really 15 minutes ago) the bid was 170.00 and the offer was 175.00. You are one of those people offering at 175.00!