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OK but you are not describing an issue with the Freetrade platform or the graph or price displaced on the Freetrade app. Freetrade as far as I can tell is showing the correct price and graph.

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True, just thought it was interesting to share. Sorry if it was not relevant to yourself. Freetrade app is of course showing the right price.

Has there been any news recently to cause the increase in price?


Yeah I checked on things in Sheets as well and was like woah how did I go from about a Β£700 loss to Β£55000 gain? Found the culprit and put in an extra divide by 100 to get it correct. This morning I was down by more than expected and they had fixed things so took out the extra divide by 100.

So sell quick and make the money? :rofl::rofl:

Good price at the moment. Sold a tonne of shares at 49p a while back so I’m buying back in today

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Decent buy yesterday


You must of bought in pandemic to get a gain like that haha :+1:t2:

It’s a 3% gain, so means a lot of shares were bought rather than a large jump in share price


Anyone interested in banking stocks may be interested in reading a Bloomberg opinion piece.

Investors haven’t much fancied shares of the biggest UK lenders all year and they sold them …

But brokers have steadily lifted earnings forecasts …

But I would guess that domestic earnings forecasts for UK banks are going to be cut in the months ahead. Investors have it more right than the analysts.