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OK but you are not describing an issue with the Freetrade platform or the graph or price displaced on the Freetrade app. Freetrade as far as I can tell is showing the correct price and graph.

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True, just thought it was interesting to share. Sorry if it was not relevant to yourself. Freetrade app is of course showing the right price.

Has there been any news recently to cause the increase in price?


Yeah I checked on things in Sheets as well and was like woah how did I go from about a £700 loss to £55000 gain? Found the culprit and put in an extra divide by 100 to get it correct. This morning I was down by more than expected and they had fixed things so took out the extra divide by 100.

So sell quick and make the money? :rofl::rofl:

Good price at the moment. Sold a tonne of shares at 49p a while back so I’m buying back in today

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Decent buy yesterday


You must of bought in pandemic to get a gain like that haha :+1:t2:

It’s a 3% gain, so means a lot of shares were bought rather than a large jump in share price


Anyone interested in banking stocks may be interested in reading a Bloomberg opinion piece.

Investors haven’t much fancied shares of the biggest UK lenders all year and they sold them …

But brokers have steadily lifted earnings forecasts …

But I would guess that domestic earnings forecasts for UK banks are going to be cut in the months ahead. Investors have it more right than the analysts.

Was hoping it would drop today so I could buy more :joy: better not get cocky though, seen plenty of good and bad days recently


Ngl that was a close call. Carnage today, let’s see what happens tomorrow, might buy back in.


That’ll be some dividend with them amounts :grin:

Interesting BOE announces an interest rate increase and the sp raises slightly.
I guess this one was pretty much expected.

The Bank of England (BoE) recently raised interest rates to 3%. This should be positive for bank shares such as Lloyds, but its stock is down 8% this year. With that in mind, I’m deciding whether to buy Lloyds shares.

Was wondering if anybody would be willing to discuss whether Lloyds has exited the Goldilocks zone when it comes to rates. I think they might have.

well, it seems the majority of you folks have tons of Lloyds shares, and here I am with a lowly 704. has anyone held these for a number of years and is it worth just building up a position where it potentially pays a decent dividend?

I sold all my LLOY shares recently. I changed my view on the investment.
It can pay a good dividend, but only pays it twice a year and the growth prospects are very low (at glacier speed). You can see the share price is basically flat for more than 10 years. For me there are other opportunities out there where I can put my money right now.
Not financial advice, just my view on the company.


I do have other shares on the platform so just the old diversification thing going on. Having read the figures for the past couple of years, your right, they do seem to be sluggish. Maybe just worth me getting to a percentage state of my portfolio then not an amount in shares for the old balanced approach.

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Prudential Regulation Authority (B of E) have suggested but not told the banks to consider more buy banks rather than raise dividends as much. The aim being in the future if there are any problems in the banking system they can just cancel buy backs and continue to pay dividends.
Buy backs are very popular in the US in all sections of the stockmarket. Far less dividend cuts or cancellation during covid. Very noticeable in my north American Income trust. Raised dividends substantially (relative to other income investment trusts) and never used any reserves.