London Block Exchange (LBX) ☠

What are your thoughts on the London Block Exchange?

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Got on waiting list ages ago, remember getting the email through to onboard me but didn’t get round to it, will fish it out and have a poke around the app

I unsubscribed from their marketing emails and then had to chase them for an update on my KYC status. They said I missed the KYC response email because I’d unsubscribed. Wasn’t impressed with this (they should be running different email lists that distinguish between transactional and marketing purposes) and they weren’t very apologetic.

I’ve come to expect better - @Viktor has us all spoilt!


They do send a ton of emails that’s for sure… Just been trying to find my invite email and it’s impossible to find it among all their daily market reports

Seems more like a Coinbase competitor to me. Coinbase are adding more features quickly as of late so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next with them.