Losing out

Everytime I buy shares I watch the price for a dip on Yahoo Finance, when happy with the priceā€¦review orderā€¦see price confirmationā€¦press buy and price ALWAYS jumps up in the couple of seconds to complete. Immediately look at Yahoo finance and no such jump. If it happened once or twice fine, but itā€™s nearly everytime and leaves me fuming. Anyone else experience this.

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Thereā€™s a few things that could be happening here.

  1. the price does move against you in the few seconds youā€™re placing the order
  2. Youā€™re trading a stock that has a big gap between the buy price and sell price (bid/ask spread)

Thereā€™s a small article by Freetrade about it here: Why is the price that I saw when placing an order different to the price I paid? | Support


To add to the above reply. Even if both Yahoo and Freetrade has ā€˜liveā€™ pricing. its still not ā€˜liveā€™ its indicative near real time pricing usually of the mid price of what has been paid. What you will be offered by the market can vary depending on conditions.


But in some cases it didnā€™t get close to bought price. I get that itā€™s not pinpoint accurate but even soā€¦

Every trade should fall within the bid ask spread, which you can find on Yahoo finance. Like a bureau de change people will sell you something but buy it for a bit less.

If your wanting to look at specific trades youā€™d need to give more detail to get a better idea.

You will have almost certainly got the best price at the time. Itā€™s each enough to check with the details


It would appear that I need to add Bid/Ask columns to my Yahoo Finance.
Many thanks for your advice and helpā€¦I can calm down now


if you have plus (highly recommended), use limit orders then you will get the price you want if it reaches it, youā€™ll never get what you see on any charts from yahoo/google/trading view etc. using market orders


I think it would be better if the FT app gave some pointers about this when buying, if not providing the spread itself.


Do remember that bid and ask prices are also indicative. People on the Freetrade forum sometimes get surprised with limit orders when things donā€™t get sold/bought. Remember the number of shares you want to buy or sell also has a bearing on whether a seller/buyer can be found.


Alsoā€¦ if the stock youā€™re buying is super low volume / low price, you could be actually moving the price up a few ticks yourself with your own market order.

Iā€™ve done this in a few. After a while I know how the institutions feelā€¦ I have to buy in one block, wait for the price to fall, buy another, wait for the price to fall etc etc, until Iā€™ve taken a position without moving the price up to the point where everyone else sells.