Low latency APIs

(Tama MA) #1

Hi Freetrade,

Is there some API available to try out your brokerage services? I would like to do some L2 market data analysis, and place some execution trades at your platform.

I would prefer to start from low-latency APIs since it involves trading. Either something similar to IB-API (C++), or FIX gateways would be fine.

Can you also share with me the costs involved to setup such a brokerage account for this type of connectivity?

Kind regards,
Tama MA

(Alex Sherwood) #2

At the moment APIs that enable you to place orders aren’t on our roadmap. We do have an #ideas for read-only APIs here APIs for accessing user portfolio etc. So it’d be great if you could create another topic for an API with this type of functionality, as you’ll be using it for a different purpose :raised_hands:

I should mention that we’re building a service for long term investors, rather than day traders though so we may struggle to provide something that suits your needs if it’s the latter that you’re looking to do :cold_sweat: