Anyone know where I can get 15 minute delayed LSE API data?

I’m building a portfolio tracker app, and while there’s loads of providers who offer 15 minute delayed data for US stocks for a reasonable price (I’m currently using MarketStack), I can’t find any that offer UK data for any price (except EOD data)! I’m sure they exist (e.g. freetrade itself says that its data source is the LSE), anyone know of one?

I found this thread: Looking for free API for UK stocks by @AchillesFirstStand but it doesn’t look like they found what I need, I checked all the links posted there and they all either don’t have UK data or it’s only EOD. I’d be willing to pay up to £20 per month.

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You can use by @finki


Thanks I’ll check it out.

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Have you considered using a Google Sheet and creating a feed that you can consume? Its the general idea I have for my app but I’m focused on Fundamental data right now.

If you’re interested in collaborating then let me know. I’m keen to expand what can be done as quickly as possible

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I’m doing a web app (React with Django REST backend). Probably a google sheet could provide most of the functionality as well, but I’m interested in exploring these technologies and it’s a good opportunity for this. Do you mean you’re creating an app within a google sheet?

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My central idea was to use the Finance function in Google Sheets to keep it upto date and then use the SheetsAPI to pull the data into a feed. I tested it quickly and I got a prototype working easily enough. I have to stress that I’ve been much more focussed on getting Fundamental data working so this may have some limitations that I’ve not yet come across.

Other option is to use IEX Cloud - they have historical & EOD pricing for UK stocks.

I’m running mainly a Node/JS stack right now and mainly focussed on European short data & Company fundamentals. Happy to show you what I’ve got if you’re interested - its pretty much a side project for me that I work on in fits & starts

From what I can see IEX only provides end-of-day data for non-US stocks:

My app would still work ok with EOD data but I’d prefer more recent data if possible.

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Hey, yeah def interested to see what you’ve got, let me know. Mine is here

Thanks will take a look at this tonight. Did you find a suitable datasource?

I am currently using MarketStack, however due to the lack of UK data (the reason for this post) I am investigating moving to Finki.

If you fancy the challenge you can get 15min delayed LSE data from in CSV format. Looks like you can also pull down a list of ISIN from LSE if you want to cross reference symbols.

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Oh yeah! Thanks, I knew that must be out there somewhere.

I’ve actually just integrated Finki into my application:

I don’t think this is a scalable solution but as the app is just for my personal use atm it’s working well for now.


Thanks for the share, project certainly looks good! I’ll follow along on Github and see what progress is like!

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