Looking for free API for UK stocks

Does anyone know of a free API for London Stock Exchange stocks?

We have a stock ticker bot on Discord, but it only has US stocks on it at the moment.

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Could you share the name of the Discord bot please? I’m interested!

I think Intrino has them

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A guy on our discord made it himself:

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Had look, doesn’t look like they’re free

Shame, it used to be. I use IEX Cloud. They have a free tier but its quite small

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I think our bot uses IEX as well, but I believe it doesn’t have all UK stocks

Have you checked Alpha Vantage? Their API is pretty flexible. For non-US stocks, the way to call it is a bit different, see e.g.

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I’m currently investigating https://www.worldtradingdata.com/documentation#introduction as an option. From the brief digging I’ve done, i.e. signed up for a free account, downloaded the stock universe spreadsheet and run a REST api test against Taylor Wimpey it seems pretty good (I’m really only interested in end of day data). It also looks like I can download csv files for historical prices (rather than make a call out for however many years). So I’ll probably use that for getting the bulk of data then set up some automation going forward (for the stocks I’m interested in).

Free account appears to have a daily 250 api call limit, but I think you might be able to make a call for multiple tickers in one go (which might come in useful)


thanks a bunch @AchillesFirstStand!