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Founded in 1995, this is a global advertising agency who have worked on the likes of Coca-Cola and BMW to name but a few.

It comes six weeks after the group, founded by Maurice and Charles Saatchi in 1995 and best known for its work with the Tory party, revealed it will book a £6.4million one-off charge in its 2019 results to cover past accounting errors.



Dropped like a rock overnight. 50% down. FIFTY!


A lot of uncertainty with MC&C Saatchi. Worth having a read of their Accounting review update, Trading update and Restructuring update.


Seems like avoid this for the foreseeable future. Advertising is a risky sector at the best of times, so many players in that space.

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Fresh off the rumour mill, this popped up on my phone.

Obviously, “talk in UK adland” is not a solid data point for me, I’ve never seen this website before either, but troubled companies sometimes become acquisition targets. What are the opinions out there?

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:eyes: Strong start… M&C Saatchi shares to resume trading after 10-week break.


Great news. Not updating in the app yet, but hopefully FT will fix this soon.

Yeah, don’t know why, but it’s still not updated, and shows like this for me…

@Freetrade_Team do you know when it will update?

Still doesnt show as a link to forum in app. Almost started a new thread.

Anyway, been a good pandemic ride with M&C.
Hoping we can get stable on current price for abit then get growing post pan dem.

Not sure where i stand on the following:

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