Market cap

Out of curiosity how many companies have you found on freetrade with the incorrect market cap?

Zero. But only because I’ve never checked :eyes:

Have you found some?

Just one.

Is it worth saying which one, so it can be looked into and potentially fixed?

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Quite a lot, being honest

I’ve noticed this.
Quick check of a couple of stocks:
Plug Power is $11.97bn in FT vs $10.97bn in Yahoo
Cloudflare is $17.56bn in FT vs $23.07bn in Yahoo

They’re the only two I’ve checked…

How do you know that yahoo is correct though? Could you calculate the market cap and then post it here? That would be the only way to find out. Maybe closing price of the last day?
Market cap changes every fraction of a second, so these changes here could literally just be a day difference.
I’ve seen others find big differences on Freetrade, but these two I’d say are not necessarily wrong.

Root had a market cap in freetrade of 400 million last week now its 1 billion. The other platforms I looked at say about 4 billion.

They’re fairly large differences - Cloudflare having a $5.5bn difference is not based on day to day movements, that’s a 23% decrease compared to Yahoo’s mcap.

FT Li Auto $41.5B vs Yahoo etc. $25.9B
FT Xpeng $41.6B vs Yahoo etc. $33.8B
FT Nio $63B vs Yahoo etc. $76.7B

These are some obvious differences I’ve noted. Will try to do some digging but the numbers vary little between different ‘established’ entities and then largely vs FT.
No idea why they would be so different?

Do they update as the sp changes? Or is it an out of date figure?

Good question, I will let keep an eye on it this coming week:)

All had significant jumps today but market cap stayed identical so looks like it’s a static value rather than linked to any sort of database🙈

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Hi all, thanks for flagging and apologies for the discrepancies.

We’ve previously raised this with our data provider and are following up to resolve it.


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