Market manipulation?

I’d like some advice on this please. This morning I purchased some shares. Later, I was able to check the LSE website and found my buy was listed as a sell! I have heard of this happening before but this is the first time to my knowledge it has happened to me. Can anyone shed any light on this please and why it happens and I believe should not happen. I’m new to investing but I don’t like the sound of this.

What do you mean exactly? How did you find your trade? And if one person buys, someone must have sold?!

I check whatever I’ve bought, each time, there are ways of doing this. I read the LSE forum regularly and many people have mentioned this market manipulation. Like I said it has not happened to me before, I screenshot it listed as a sell, at the same time I bought, same amount etc. I have the evidence!!

It isn’t market manipulation. LSE “guesses” whether it thinks the trade is a buy or sell depending on the spread. Brokers with Direct Market Access buy on the bid and sell on the ask. So ignore whether it shows as a buy or a sell. Also you might find your trades don’t show on the London Stock Exchange because some stocks can also be traded on a secondary market.


Hi kerry. Do you have cause for concern of the price you received? I used to review the lse forum for various info but never found the bug and sell listed to be all that accurate. By definition there must always be a buyer and a seller but there are entities called market makers etc too that muddy the waters a little.

Ultimately I personally wouldn’t worry about it and certainly don’t think you have a cause for concern in terms of market manipulation.

I don’t have any problem with the price at all. Almost every other buy I’ve done I’ve managed to catch it on the appropriate forum for trades, but today only my buy was as listed as a sell. I read a lot of the LSE forums and recently noticed many people saying that buys were being listed as sells to manipulate the markets. Just curious but thanks for your help.

This is a load of old hogwash. Electronic trades are routed automatically to the exchange via most brokers and are reported on time and accurately . Trades can be delayed but this must be reported for transparency. This doesn’t mean that some trades aren’t reported accurately but these sort of conspiracy theories about market makers is just rubbish.


Don’t worry then. Alot of checks are in place for freetrade and any other UK regulated stockbroker to make sure you’re not short changed. It’s annoying there are sites out there presenting this information without explaining where it’s come from and what it may mean to new investors.

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Thank you @Wulfy for your non sarcastic advice to a newbie here, much appreciated, :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s plenty of time for sarcasm :wink: we are British :slightly_smiling_face:

We are indeed that, but there are always those who try to manipulate that!! :grin::grin: