Megathread - Crowdfunding

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Nice update from Vita Mojo. Ahead of targets for 2023, building out senior mgmt team, overall team now at 145, very well funded, decent market share in UK @ 20%, seeking international growth.

In summary they said:

“We have the right product needed right now, the right team and the financial backing to make Vita Mojo a huge success. We’re in the pole position to take advantage of market conditions. It’s all about execution.”


The hires look promising, the ex OLO president/COO sounds like who’d you’d pick, you can see the new CFO on LinkedIn and high salaries offered for a Business Development role.

Presumably the plan is towards profitability with the current levels of funding, there’s a reasonably large loss in 2022 on the Balance sheet which I imagine they’ll be closing this year and next. They’ve been quite fortunate on timing of selling restaurants just before COVID and then getting the raise in just before the start up downturn! I’m hopeful on this one!

They don’t share the revenue or projected revenue, which is what we’d most like to see. It feels like they’re distributing to some European target countries now.

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I’m saying nothing??

That’s actually quite a good thing :rofl::rofl::rofl: But you seem to have something to say so let’s hear it, not like you to be shy…