Megathread - 🔥 Dividend Fest 🔥

Oh, the other thing I do is that ALL research is done at the weekend, or after hours in the evening, so I can’t make an impulse buy. I have to look at it, think about it, sleep on it, then decide in the morning.

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Would it not be an invested total of £100000 ( unless I’ve misunderstood your post )

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BCPT and PBA - both payt monthly dividends and are both approx 5%

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yes, You’re right… the 10k was for £400 over a year not per month.

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If you are not squeamish about tobacco imperial pay a nice dividend quarterly. Plus diversified energy and Evraz steel good dividends.

Or you can just wait for a GIF filled nonsense thread from yours truly that drops every Tuesday :sauropod:


I decided at the beginning of my investment journey that receiving dividends is not the way I wanted to grow my pot. I look at stock in a more holistic “total return” way.

One of the first companies that I worked for paid a handsome dividend (it still does). But it troubled me a great deal that the company paid out this dividend. Why did the company not reinvest the dividend? It was basically saying it could not think of anything better to do with the money. As I went down this path to understand why companies really paid dividends I quickly discovered that dividends are not necessarily the sign of a healthy company. Moreover, I would not have a diversified portfolio if I based stock picks merely on the basis of dividends.

The problem is that some investors consider dividends to a be proxy for a well run company: but as I said before dividends are not necessarily the sign of a healthy company. Also couple that thought with the fact that some companies borrow money to pay dividends (!) Finally realise that a dividend cut will result in the share price collapsing.

It makes sense for some companies to pay a dividend: they really can’t do anything with the money e.g. I have a mine and I sell gold … I can’t do anything useful with my profits [exploring for new gold and building new mines is an expensive business etc etc] so I give the profits back to the owner. So I am not suggesting that you don’t chose dividend stocks. Rather that should not really be the central reason for choosing a stock: understand the nature of the company and dividend.


No tobacco, not for me.

A great monthly dividend stock I find is Gladstone Capital $GLAD and is 6.95% :+1: It is good for adding odd change to as well because you can get fractional shares :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Gladstone Capital Corp. (GLAD) Dividends (

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I think I will be making some more purchases Monday now ha. If I can build up to getting 2k dividends a year il be happy.

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The top three funds on your list hold imperial and or bat so you may want to look at things a bit more.

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Thanks, I really appreciate the information.

How long have you been investing for?

I am 27 with a £21,000 portfolio, thankfully it’s all in an ISA account. Started investing Jan 2020.

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I started in September this year.

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Hi do you have etfs for ftse100 or do you prefer individual stocks?beginner here

Is it poinltess investing in a etf aswell as stocks if the stocks you have are in the etf?might sound daft but im brand new😁

No such thing as a daft question if you need the answer!

I have both. Some ETF and some stocks. I’m not sure if they overlap, or by how much. You’ll find loads of different opinions here, and it’s important to remember they are all only opinions, not financial advice.

My experience is that my ETFs tend to stay more stable while the individual stocks are more likely to wander up and down. So I’m sticking to my mix, at least for now.


I only have small amounts in individual stocks so where there is an overlap with ETFs I hold, it’s negligible.

Feels so good doesn’t it??? :grinning:

My fi at dividend was a whole £0.07, but trust the process and keep adding and reinvesting your earnings, compounding is amazing!

Keep going Sarah :raised_hands:

Thanks so much for the quick reply,im just curious as to percentage ratio i suppose etf to individual,and overalapping of course.

So would you not get larger amounts of shares in a specific company for more dividend or prefer to put in etf?(i know this is not financial advice)thanks