MEGATHREAD: Freetrade iPad app

Just downloaded it - looks pretty good!

Wait can they also develop this for Mac, with M1 chip? That way we have desktop access!

Loving the iPad app, great job Freetrade team!


Still not got it :disappointed:

We’re just rolling out to 100% of users – coming from 50% on Friday.

The next time you launch the app on your iPad, you should see your new sidebar :slight_smile:


Saw it late last night! Looks great, thanks for your work on it!


This past Friday, or coming Friday? I’m not seeing the nav bar yet - tried a cold reset, updated, and fresh login :relieved:

I just downloaded the iPad app and I also don’t have the new sidebar yet

This should be working over the next few days!

One thing to note is that the side bar is only available on iOS 14 and upwards – I believe (almost) all iPads we support should be upgradable to iOS 14, so double check you’re not on an earlier version. Apple have a list of supported iOS 14 devices right at the bottom of this page iPadOS 14 - Apple (UK)

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I’m running iPadOS 14.4.1 here, must be a staggered release (to do with Apple I suppose!).

Finally got the sidebar, looks great!

One thing I noticed though - I’m not able to change the app icon on iPad for some reason. I can go into the menu and select a different icon, but it doesn’t actually trigger the change (only get the popup for the default icon). This is on a 2020 iPad Pro. Icons all work fine on my phone


Same for me

Yup, me too :+1:t2:

I noticed this too! Will be fixed in next week’s release.


M1 Mac suddenly looks a lot more appealing if thats the case! Waiting for the new Pro’s to release :sweat_smile:

So… will my stunning immortal war machine MacBook Pro 2012 edition be able to open the iPad app?

Ps: not for sale

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Looks great, much better than having the mobile app run as a small window in the middle of the ipad screen.

Perfectly sized for technical charts :wink:

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It’s already fixed for me

Anyone notice getting weird colours on prices of the stock list / watch list? It seems to be something to do with them refreshing. It doesn’t seem to happen on the iPhone, but then again my iPad seems to visibly refresh prices more often than the iPhone.

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