MEGATHREAD: Freetrade iPad app

I’m running iPadOS 14.4.1 here, must be a staggered release (to do with Apple I suppose!).

Finally got the sidebar, looks great!

One thing I noticed though - I’m not able to change the app icon on iPad for some reason. I can go into the menu and select a different icon, but it doesn’t actually trigger the change (only get the popup for the default icon). This is on a 2020 iPad Pro. Icons all work fine on my phone


Same for me

Yup, me too :+1:t2:

Do we get the app on the new Silicon Macs as well?

I have seen a few apps with iPad support naturally enable it for Macs.

For example, this is Calm iPad app on my mac.

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I noticed this too! Will be fixed in next week’s release.


M1 Mac suddenly looks a lot more appealing if thats the case! Waiting for the new Pro’s to release :sweat_smile:

So… will my stunning immortal war machine MacBook Pro 2012 edition be able to open the iPad app?

Ps: not for sale

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Looks great, much better than having the mobile app run as a small window in the middle of the ipad screen.

Perfectly sized for technical charts :wink:

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Any news? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s already fixed for me

You have it on silicon macs?

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I can’t find it here.