MEGATHREAD: Freetrade Plus :plus_:

So we’re basically looking at an ISA and full universe for £5, and ISA, SIPP and full universe for £10

So those who had a separate ISA are looking at a price increase but more stock selection. But those on plus with a SIPP are looking at a significant price decrease

I wonder what will happen to those already paying £3 for an ISA?


Here we go :tada:

We can bring all chat on the new subscriptions onto this new megathread:

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I am a plus user and happy enough with the 9.99 (close enough to ten pound) fee.

I would open a sipp and transfer cash over from my previous provider.

I am just concerned that free trade could later add fees back for sipp.

I notice the comment by free trade team about “we haven’t had a price increase for 3 years” hasn’t gone down too well.

Will there be any confirmation from ft team that the fee for sipp of 9.99 (7.99) for plus is never coming back.

You’re unlikely to get any confirmation about future actions especially with a “never” time scale. I would suggest it is unlikely, Freetrade are push to increase their AUA/AUM. Encouraging people to sweep up old pensions into a Freetrade SIPP is a very good way of doing this.


So even though never is unlikely. It’s still unlikely as if we transfer other pensions to the ft SIPP and then buy assets we increase thier AUA.

Does cash deposits coins as AUA or only assets?

Freetrade has done a lot of user research Greig and the team has spent months working on this.

I would assume cash counts as AUA. Using AUA as one of your core KPI’s is much better than the old world of growing at all costs. It’s slower but much more stable.

May not be the question for this thread although it does discuss dividends.
When does anyone think a Freetrade customer should take on the Plus account from the free account?
At a guess, I think it should be when you get more than the £36 in divi to cover the monthly/annual fee but what’s the thoughts on the group?


Plus is £10 per month not £3 per month FYI. I would say plus is worth it if there are stocks that are only available on the plus subscription that you want to invest in. You also get 3% interest on up to £4,000 cash in your Freetrade account which equates to £120 per year or £10 per month.

On the other hand, £3 for the ISA is well worth it if you don’t want to pay for plus but still want the tax advantaged account.

If you want my onions, plus is good if you want to be able to invest in stocks regularly without any extra fees on top of the £10 per month. Also if you have several thousand pound sitting in a savings pot. You could transfer those funds and hold them as cash on your account to earn interest and offset the fee you pay to Freetrade.


sorry yeah, got the fees mixed up lol. there were some companies i did research on, then found out they were only for plus members.

I’d say it depends on account size. For example, if you have only have £1,000, Plus would be costing you 12% so it would be better to utilise a free account. Even at £10,000, that’s still more than 1% before stamp duty, forex, withholding tax, spread and ongoing fees for ETFs or ITs.

The good thing is £120 a year can become a relatively negligible cost as your account grows.


Thanks for the advice, only use this as a hobby/learning the ropes account at the moment so may just carry on using the free account until i get some decent income coming in.

One thing I do think if worth it, from day one is an ISA.

There is a benefit to having an account that you don’t have to report on at all. Sure not actually paying tax is a benefit as well but even the paperwork (or online) tax reporting is a hassle many could do without.

That £36/year is buying you the ability to say, oh well, looks like I don’t have to concern myself with that.

If someone truly can’t afford it yet, then sure, I get it though.

Plus is of course another discussion


I agree on the ISA, it has all the tax benefits and is pretty inexpensive. I find myself thinking more carefully about my investing because it isn’t free like the general investment account.


I consider freetrade plus to be virtually free.
£4000 3% interest. That £4,000 would be in Marcus at 1.2 %. Therefore £72 from freetrade. My isa in Hargreaves Lansdowne works out at £3.75. that works out at a total savings of £117. Hargreaves Lansdowne £11.75 per trade. I now have no money drag. The latter makes me very happy. Investing a spare £1 with no cost is brill.


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Upgrade path to PLUS showing a UX quirk for me - asking if I want to add a S&S ISA as a optional account even though I already have one. Will anything break anything if I ignore this option?