Any update with this?

Very underwhelmed having recieved an email last weekend telling me to keep an eye out this week for confirmation


The email states "you’ll have early access to the Freetrade self-invested personal pension (SIPP) from next week .(ie this week).

So it could be next week, or even the following week, depending on how quickly they can roll it out to everyone.

I take a slightly different slant on that wording. If it tells me “you’ll” then I expect that to mean I personally will have access from next week, not that they will send it out to random numbers of people starting this week as has been confirmed this week.

Poor communication imo and disappointed to not receive anything as early as possible but that’s only because I am keen. As an investor in freetrade I actually think a staggered roll out is the right thing to do to make sure the systems work as expected. It would be worse if they allow everyone access all at the same time only to find an issue somewhere.

Doesn’t mean I can’t still be disappointed not to receive the link yet :joy:


Wulfy I had the same view as you, early access means I will have access this week hence it being early

If its monday/tuesday it’s not a big deal, just the sooner i know the sooner I can arrange a transfer and contact my current pension provder

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I guess it’s not very clear as I took it to mean ‘from next week onwards’ but can see how others can see and view it differently.

Anyway, whatever, I’ve just received my email and transfer has commenced (not trying to rub it in or owt! :laughing:)


Oh great, lucky you :rage: :wink:

:joy: Fair play mate, not jealous :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Has anyone done a partial transfer? I’d like to move the bulk of my holdings across but not all as some of the stocks are not on FT and I’ll like to still hold them.

Was just curious if the process was different or if you can specify an amount of cash?

Does this mean the saga that is Aj Bell is finally over? Or will we still hear how dreadful they are? :rofl:


We’ll still be complaining about AJ Bell until Freetrade has a LISA. Hopefully after the SIPP launch offering a LISA shouldn’t be too difficult for FT.


Haha, sadly, it’ll cost too much to transfer my AJ Bell pension - whilst they have recently removed the exit charge, they will still charge £9.95 per holding to be transferred/liquidated and I have too many different holdings, partly my own fault due to what I have invested in.

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Have to wait for in species transfers I suppose

The wording on the email is a bit misleading, and has wound me up this week, but I just received the email, so technically they stuck to their words in the way that I’d read them :sweat_smile:


checks emails



thats probably not me for another week :pensive: Signed up straight away too

Interesting. My current employer pension provider has informed me that they support partial transfers out so long as a minimum of £100 is kept to keep it open and allow further contributions.


I’d be very interested to know how the waitlist is being worked through as another family member of mine received their email who I know signed up to the waitlist after me. It can’t be based on the amount selected on signing up to the waitlist as one is higher than mine and one is lower.

Each time you ask about it a bot bumps you down the list so you get agitated and post more about SIPPS online so Freetrades search hits on SIPPS goes up…

I see no other reason :smile:


Damn it :joy:

Mouth zipped