MEGATHREAD: Limit Orders

:100: Percent agree to the previous comment, this is one of the basic feature along with price alerts ended for any platform and should be prioritised than anything else.

This is also one of the reason I hold other accounts, because not everybody got time to buy/sell based on the current price

@sampoullain any update on this please?

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@adam Hi Adam,

Any ideas on timeframes for this please?


They’re beta testing the plus accounts in house atm, so it can’t be long.

Drivewealth are the clearing house not the FX provider, please stop this madness.


You would never have to watch the market again :joy: a nice bot that buys low and sells high.

I bet those big city slickers have some real shady tricks :wink:

Does anyone know why Limit Orders don’t work on European Stocks?

Hey @SpaceTrader - I’m one of the Product Managers that worked on our European trading product. The app currently doesn’t support Limit Orders on European stocks. Although I’m confident this is something we’ll offer in the future, we aren’t actively working on this feature.

If you have any other feedback on the flow we would love to hear it :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply. @LouisSutton

As someone who uses the Limit Buy / Sell features so I can leave it on autopilot, I cannot wait for it! Hopefully soon.

Hi @LouisSutton

If that is your dog we simply have to have more pictures … Animals of Freetrade. 🐾 🐠 🦅

Good idea! @NeilB

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Hi everyone :wave:

Opening up this original request thread (which had over 300 votes!) as the official limit orders megathread.

Also sharing an update today that Feature update that Plus members can now set up to 10 limit orders on a stock, up from two previously.

Here’s an explainer/refresher of why they might be useful:

Capital at risk


I’m more concerned as to why FT is focusing on fringe product features like this… :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

I supposed it doesn’t help there’s no CTO or CPO anymore…

Now available on Freetrade Standard :sparkles:

Hey @toms, there is a lot in progress right now, and the change from two to 10 limit orders per stock was relatively straightforward for us to make, and something we’d received feedback on.

Let us know what else you’d like to see on your app!

P.S. please meet @JamesBell, Head of Product :wink:


I remember seeing people wanting more limit orders so glad this is there for them and fills that need.

Exporting data and statements … (I have a whole thread on it) :smile:

Hey @JamesBell


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Thanks @sampoullain, but with all due respect there’s been a lot in progress for the last couple of years… and “in progress” is… well… “in progress”.

The speed of shipping product is simply too slow for a company the size and maturity of FT and perhaps this is due to hiring the CPO from an incumbent broker… :man_shrugging:t2: No idea… but it was a controversial hire.

Good luck @JamesBell, I’m sure your experience at Wise will put you in a good position to course correct. From the outside in it’s really important that FT continues to focus on delivering impactful product improvements to its customers. Frankly not a lot has changed in the last 2 years and delivering things like ‘15 new Belgium stocks’ in a month is so low down on most customers wish lists it becomes embarrassing when announcing them.

Hopefully you can represent the voice of the customer and fire up a product roadmap that actually gets the community excited again (not just the CEO/mgmt team)!