MEGATHREAD: What stocks should we add next week? 📲💥

Please add! Ubisoft Entertainment SA - UBI

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Utz brands inc


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How soon can we have these on Freetrade
These are brilliant shares to buy now they’re affordable. I’ve asked earlier. Very sad Ive been watching these shares rising over past 5 weeks I asked for these to be added.
I don’t want to open an account with another platform just to get these. Please add ASAP.

Please can we also have:

£SMGB - VanEck Vectors Semiconductor UCITS ETF

No reason not to have this!


And also this please:

£INTL - WisdomTree Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF – USD Acc




CC Neuberger Principal Holdings I (PCPL)

Hey everyone,

I’m personally working through this thread now, and we’ll make sure to add any requests that we can, early next week.

Can you start using a new, central request form for new stocks:

I’ll go through everything here for you all, but if you feel particularly passionate about a stock, please send it through the form. :pray:

Give us feedback on the form: Request new stocks - RELOADED


Already submitted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: much easier process just hope you won’t get 1000 forms for the same stock.

It should be easy to filter them out as I imagine they have it sending to a sheet doc :ok_hand: I’d love for this doc to be public similar to how they have the available stocks sheet, just because it’ll be easier to monitor

I think there is one lying around somewhere, someone shared a while ago.