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Yes the CMA is the Competition & Markets Authority. This is a long(ish) piece but is worth a read.

TLDR - If you operate in a country, the regulator has a say in what you do.

Want to start buying at around P/E of 23 and under. Waiting on this one :grin:

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Yes yes profits :chart_with_upwards_trend: :clap:

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CMA raising preliminary concerns re ActiBlizz. Not surprising given the enormous scale but would be interesting if they keep them after Microsoft respond. Khan’s FTC in the US will certainly be scrutinising too so this is not a done deal.

Great move for Microsoft

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IMO, this is a pretty short-sighted article. Bing chat (or whatever it’s called. Sandy), is definitely not ready for general audience launch. But they haven’t launched it, have they? You can sign up for a waitlist. And while people are on the waitlist and they test the tool, they give Microsoft really really valuable data in the form of feedback for free.

My prediction is that 2 years from now one of those search chatbots will be great thanks to more data and better product design. Whoever generates and retains more hype now is likely to be the winner down to the road. No wonder Google is freaking out

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Dats brilliant.

Probably better than avatar 2 too :laughing:

I don’t think that’s a great article, tbh.

I’ve been giggling to all these posts since they first started coming out. It’s clear the technology is at an early stage and I’m not sure if search engines are the natural first step. Maybe they are, no one knows and we’ll find out at some point. There’s obviously potential for it be hugely disruptive.

Personally, I find the image generation models far more impressive than the current output from ChatGPT, but that could just be down to my own tastes.

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This different tuning to give more human responses is pretty wild. I can easily see how that Google engineer came to believe these were sentient (given that was in private, without the benefit of 6 months of everyone saying “they are just stochastic parrots” and a larger model) - obviously I don’t agree but I can easily see how this could be unnerving.

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Brilliant! In defence of Bing I believe they only trained the poor thing through to 2022. You would think they would have put some logic in to recognise the current date :joy:

Perhaps someone ‘mistakenly’ wrote GPT-4chan instead of GPT3 in the import statement. :smiley:

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Either that or it learnt from its older sibling, Tay, who didn’t quite manage a whole day on the internet.

Now Tay, I can get into.


Microsoft’s deal to buy Call of Duty maker Activision Blizzard blocked in UK - BBC News

Break up Activision and buy it up separately :grin:

Be interesting if Activision change their development focus after all this, given the management of activision where onboard for it