Morbid subject - Death


Apologies for this morbid subject. But I would like to know what happens should death occur to a FT user?

How are the shares then managed?

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Good thing to highlight. It’d be ideal if we could provide the details of our chosen beneficiaries in-app. I know that’s what some other providers cater for.

Should probably have a section on the FAQ for this on how to proceed or who to contact, since beneficiaries of the deceased wouldn’t necessarily be able to access in-app chat.

You can access the chat from the help section on the homepage

But yeah, there should be a help article there

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I would have thought solicitors and probate would sort this stuff out?

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Yes, although that is a longer and more expensive process. As a lawyer, I would wholeheartedly recommend nominating a beneficiary and upon a little KYC, that beneficiary then being able to access your account.

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