Multiple accounts

Is there any restriction on having multiple accounts?

I don’t mean having and ISA and a basic account, I mean a completely separate sign-up?

Of course there will be restrictions, I won’t be able to have 2 ISA accounts for example.

I contemplate creating a totally separate account to meet my different investment needs, e.g. I might have my ‘serious’ account and then another ‘play’ account.

Sounds like the idea for pots or investment buckets would work well for this…


Come on Stephen.
Keep all your investments serious and get your money compounding :wink:
This is your future ! :boom::boom::rocket:

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So very true - I invested last September, just before market dropped loads, has taken me all year to get back to my initial stake, now its time to start compounding!

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I really do believe that you will be rewarded for time in the market !

Why not use a virtual portfolio? Have a serious one on FT and a fantasy one elsewhere. is good for that. Nice app too.