My Investment ISA Journey

Hi everybody! I’m a long term reader of this community but have only just now signed up.

I’ve been quite enthused by how open and transparent everybody is here and also quite inspired by how some of the people here share their investment journeys on YouTube. This is my attempt:

I’m not new to investing, I have previously held funds with Hargreaves Landsdown in the past but I’m certainly new to holding individual companies. I’m planning on being as transparent as possible and hopefully that provides some confidence or motivation for others.

Any and all feedback is welcome & apologies for the poor quality (I’ll work on this over time)


A good start and looking forward to see how your portfolio develops.


Nice video & welcome to the forum! Really nice to see people sharing this kind of stuff, its all too rare in the UK for people to talk about money


Hello great video!

It seems we had similar thoughts on Legal & General. I thought they were fairly priced. Good business. Great dividend. Would have been happy with a static capital price and just pocketing the dividend.

Turns out I got them at nearly the best time of the year!


I think there is definitely capital appreciation to be made but thats not my primary driver for sure. You picked up some shares at good prices there so it will make some of the hard times that bit easier.

Thanks, appreciate the comment about the video. I’ll make future updates a bit more concise & then start to share my plans for next year

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I really enjoy seeing the different portfolios :+1:t3:


So this week I went kind of crazy and added an investment trust to my ISA.

Here’s my reasoning behind adding Scottish Mortgage Trust:

Any and all feedback is welcome, thanks


Grainger announced their FY results yesterday so I wanted to cover that as they’re one of the main reasons I started investing. I’m curious to people’s thoughts on Grainger?


Constructive comment: edit out the 150+ ‘errms’ in-between sentences or pause before speaking, the content is great otherwise :slight_smile:

Haha! You’re the 3rd person to tell me that so I definitely need to work on, appreciate the comment. Still pretty nervous so I’m hoping some extra scripting will help - thanks for letting me know

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Bold, straight talking content alongside video is rly valuable.

Might be worth recording the audio separately with a script and making a video to suit it whilst you build confidence.

Later on after gathering a little more confidence you can adjust the script to notes and eventually go live recording and feed.

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Thanks for the video, Grainger are my research list but haven’t got around to it yet. Since you’ve been digging into them a little, what do you consider are the key potential downsides/ risks related to Grainger?

Thanks @Sleepy. Yeah some fairly big risks, mainly around recession. Rents/mortgages are typically paid in recessions but this is still a risk the knock on effect is the breaching of debt covenants etc although Grainger does have a fairly strong balance sheet and also a modest 30-40% LTV. Property valuations coming down is a secondary risk here but given the strong underlying demand for housing and the lack of supply it should be mitigated quite well.

Operationally, any delays in projects (build to rent) coming online can delay cash flow and therefore future investment in the next projects. I do see this as quite minor as Grainger doesn’t have a lot of projects running concurrently and they’ve not reported any major delays so far - however I would expect some delays with any TfL projects.

Political and legislative risk is also present, the Private Rented Sector has a bad rep and although Grainger has done great work managing this, its a long term risk that they could have new laws & regulation placed on them that negatively impact returns. There is little that can be done to pre-empt this too.

Hope this helps


Nice work. :+1:

My investment with legal and general so far. Huge boost since the Conservative party won the election🎉


Looks like we got in at the same time.


Very nice. Time in the market beats timing the market :slight_smile:


after reading this i can’t stop focusing on the “Errms” its your fault! :joy:

I’m the worst. If there is a niche thing to notice I probably will :frowning: :joy:

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