My Reasoning To Soon Be Purchasing Greggs Shares (£GRG)

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Hi All,
I was one of the many, that over the last few months was championing the addition of having Greggs shares on the app.

A few of the reasons that I was hoping Greggs would be added are that the business has over the last few years moved away from the simple grab & go shop to more of an artisan-feel business with a whole new look to the retail shops, new dine-in seating available in most shops if not all.

Greggs has also recently opened up a drive-thru based in Irlam (Manchester) which has been a hit with customers as it is convenient and quicker, the business has plans to increase the number of drive-thru’s in the coming years, they also are opening new shops in high footfall locations whilst closing the underperforming shops at the same time to ultimately reopen them elsewhere, all information is readily available online.

The production sites are going through an expansion phase, with millions being spent on upgrading production at the sites, granted this expense may damage the profit for the year but for me personally over the next few years profits should increase over time once expansion has been completed in early 2019, all information is readily available online.

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(Vladislav Kozub) #2

Great post! What a shame I could not add Greggs to my Freetrade Watchlist and keep track of its progress :sweat_smile:


I’d buy Greggs because I’m a big fan, and buying a share in them is better for my belly than 10 sausage rolls which would be the equivalent price. Shame their international shops didn’t go well.

Interesting comparison in the FT yesterday - Greggs has a profit margin of 8% and Costa’s is 12% while Patisserie Valerie were reporting 18% prior to their ‘issues’.