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This is a dead company

Anyone know what the deal is with the next payout?

I came on here to ask the same question. Apparently tomorrow will be the full year.

Received email from freetrade today:

Hi there

We have read through the documents and have sent a couple of questions back off to Napsters Representatives.

Once we have all the answers we’ll look to send a communication out to clients.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with in the meantime.





Does anyone have any further updates?

I cant imagine anyones in a hurry to open there wallet.

Cant believe I ever had faith in Napster the absolute wet blankets, nearly a month gone by after a year that they could have sorted this out

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It’s not 1999 anymore

Well over 12 months and nothing said, come on Napster at least tell your investors what is happening. Or better still Freetrade, you might be able to tell us

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It been well over 12 months. When are the shared owners going to get information from Freetrade?

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@Freetrade_Team any communication on this?


The silence is deafening


How long more before we get any news?? 12 months has long gone

Have you tried messaging customer service?

If you scroll back in the chat i got an email response from them on april 1st. I have messaged them again since but awaiting response but they seem to know about as much as we do as Napster are the ones that need to give there info :frowning: