Fiverr International Ltd FVRR

This company operates an online portal that lets freelancers and employers find one another.




What happened! 3 months of me seeing a nice steady gain to have it all wiped out in a day. What a joke

Earnings were not good. People are returning to regular work and clients are cutting expenses so less business for fiverr. I was looking last month to get into Fiverr. I used them for a custom job and was impressed and I liked the business model. Glad I did not do that because it has gone down 70 dollar. This stock should not be worth this much. I think $50 would be a fair price.

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Maybe buy a bit more : THIS Is The Best Investing Opportunity In 2021! - YouTube

Hah nah. I’m happy with what I have. Too many have randomly dropped 20-30 percent in a day. Hate that peopl can just do that. Feel it’s proper rigged sometimes. Someone knows well before us normal bag carriers do and manipulate the market

Interesting video but I still think it is overvalued. Fiverr as a gig-company has no value of its own so if users switch to another platform it is dead. I think it is more ethical than Uber because users can set their own prices. But creators get disillusioned soon when they see that they disappear in a sea of other artists. I like Fiverr as a platform but as a m investor, I think it is overvalued.

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Looks like a bad opening again! Anyone reckon it’s time to pull the plug on this plummeting stock?

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Why big drop?

This quarters targets dropped in line with current customers demand being low due to holidays etc. There’s a good vid on YouTube about it all and how their spending on advertising has already generated new growth for the next 18 months.


Big q3 report on all metrics according to this

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Firstly is your next posts brings as much good news you’re going to be very popular! FVRR is up 14% per market with this great results.

Good spot and I hope you enjoy the community :ok_hand:t2::t_rex:

This was written in February when Fiverr was trading in the low $80’s. Now it’s sunk into the mid $40’s and has caught my attention for a rebound stock to watch :eyes:

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I don’t understand how so much of those companies are losing money. Fiverr’s business model is simple af, they really shouldn’t have much headcount, they don’t need any physical storage, need for logistics etc. And yet they are still losing money more than a decade after being in existence.

I don’t know where the stock or the company is headed, so I cannot really say much about the stock price going forward per se, just finding it baffling how all those tech companies are burning through cash despite their main advantage seemingly being high profit margins.


It’s wild, they have 83% gross margin too. They should be profitable or close to it shortly assuming they can continue with their growth track record.

I blame Jeff Bezos, he made it acceptable for companies money by reinvesting in their own business. Lots of copy cats who use this a cover when they’re not trying hard enough to get to profitably

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