New filters in Discover 🎚

This is lush :heart_eyes:


Glad you like it :smile:

Are there any other filters that you’d like us to add in the future?


Not for me personally but I see a few people chasing dividend paying stocks… So maybe a filter for this?


Filter by price would be handy and by sector


By price would be great! A min-max sliding scale.


It’s useful, but I would argue it’s pretty much a hygiene factor if you offer more than 300 funds and ETFs.

I get that we need to sort out the hygiene stuff, but ultimately you filter because you are looking for investment ideas (i.e. the job-to-be-done), and in that respect it does not help that much.

It would be more useful if could filter on things like price, price fluctuation, amount of buy or sell recommendations from analysts in the last week or 30 days, top price target from analysts, news sentiment, social media sentiment, etc.

TipRanks app does quite a decent job at this if you need inspiration. Now, I get that these types of metrics and filters are much more difficult to do, and you got a long back-log to work towards to (with investment platform and EU expansion as more pressing items), but I would hope that on the longer term we will get more mechanisms and filters to really help us find investment ideas, rather than some basic filters.

Not being critical of what you did here, just trying to articulate what I would really value over time.


I’d argue against all of these. Analysts aren’t always right, news is often biased and social media tends to blindly follow each other


This is a great start! I think a few explicit filters like these for the really popular areas (and some cost type sorting as suggested) are great. What I think would be amazing is some more dynamic searching built in. E.g. ‘ethical’, ‘construction’, ‘dividend’ etc. I’m thinking something like google photos but maybe not quite as advanced.

You could even let users add their own meta data to stocks that they can search and filter with e.g. ‘watch’, ‘kids’, ‘risky’ or our own non conventional stock categories ‘great CEO’, ‘cloud tech’ etc.

Great work!


This looks excellent.

Also some great ideas here Jeff. If users could add tags and autocomplete those in the search bar to show a lozenge that would be really useful. Obviously the lozenges shown have to be limited but if you could autocomplete there could be unlimited options (maybe different colour for user tags?).

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@Jeff & @Marsares Thanks for the feedback and all the ideas :blush: We are working on delivering more filter attributes (including some of your suggestions) on top of the ones you see in the example.

We have introduced a team here to work on discovery and insights to make investing easier for everyone and give you the tools to manage your portfolio, this being one of the first features we’ll push out. The initial version will be as showcased above but this space will be ever involving as we strive to make discoverability as seamless as possible :muscle: Do stay tuned as we have some exciting changes coming up to improve your experience.

Keep the recommendations coming as everything will be taken into consideration when we add filters, etc. Thanks all! :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed, these kinds of things are meaningless fluff that would waste room in the app.

To paraphrase a famous quote I can’t find right now, an analyst is someone who explains why their prior predictions were wrong.


I presume (hope) you can select multiple filters at once?

  • Filter by sector (healthcare/tech/consumer goods/utilities/etc) :briefcase:
  • Sort by day/month/year share price change :chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • Sort by price (as someone mentioned) :heavy_dollar_sign:

Yes you can :smiley:

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Is the filter list slidable, so there’s more to the right? I can see stocks, so I hope there’s also “bonds” and ideally other categories like REITs, OEICs, CEFs, this kind of stuff.

You can see the full list of filters that we’ll launch with there but we’ll add more & yes, you’ll slide through the list to access them.

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This looks fantastic. A great addition.:sunglasses:

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How about one called beginner (made up of ETF’s and ever present stocks like Unilever)

Maybe another for Freetrade favourites / popular stocks :thinking:

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Running close to advice there :wink:


Exactly what I was typing :grin:

If you say ‘these are what we think you should start with’ then beginners will assume they’re ‘safe’ investments